High School Football Coaches Get More Explosive Football Players on Game Day with Instant Access to These Playbooks.

Complete Coaching Systems for Offense and Defense Teach the Coach Simple Plan for Faster Players That Win More Football Games

The game of football is changing. The players are changing. The playbooks are changing. It’s hard for a football coach to keep up. 

Every week it’s a new challenge. You’re constantly changing your playbook to keep up. The result is a bloated mess that your players can’t execute on game day.

They play slow, soft and scared. Some days, your guys look like they’ve never been coached.

And what happens if the starter gets hurt? You’re starting all over.

You keep adding another play. Another drill. Practices get longer and longer. The playbook gets thicker.

The result just stays the same. It’s the definition of insanity.

Coach Simple. Play Fast. Win.

Time for a whole new approach. A whole new philosophy to coaching football that gets results on the field when it counts.

Coach Simple. Play Fast. Win.

Joe Daniel Football Coaching Systems are built on the foundation of Simplicity. Use only the schemes you need for your team. Only what you need to defeat your opponents.

When you keep your teaching simple, players understand what they’re asked to do. How to do their job on the field. 

That builds their confidence. Confidence is the key. Confident players play fast.

No more paralysis by analysis. Indecision. Fear. Those lead to soft, slow, sloppy play at every position. 

With the Coach Simple approach, your players play fast. Faster players play aggressive. Fly around. Execute.

Faster players WIN more games.

Coach Simple. Play Fast. Win.

It Took a Long Time to Figure This Out

For years I struggled through the same helpless feeling on the sidelines. You spend hours in practice working on the latest play calls that you’re just sure are going to work on game day.

Only to be standing on the sideline on Friday night feeling embarrassed. Or ashamed that you just did not get your players ready to play. 

Watching guys whiff on blocks and turn the ball over on offense. On defense it’s missed gap assignments and blown coverages.

Painful stuff. It all led to the scoreboard at the end of the game showing not much to way too many. 

Sure, we beat most of the teams you’re supposed to beat. But we could never get that big win. And sometimes, the wheels just totally fell off. 

Our players were confused. They played slow and scared at times. It seemed like we always lost focus in practice. At times I wondered if they even cared about winning.

The only thing I knew how to do was wait. And hope. Wait for next season, and hope there’d be a big time stud transfer who was going to turn it all around. Feels like you’ve got no control over the situation.

Every coach feels that way at times. But I’ve learned you don’t have to wait, or hope. You’re a football coach. Football coaches solve problems. And there is a solution to this problem.  

Your Players Can Actually Run This

Joe Daniel Football Systems are built on the Coach Simple approach. No over-complicated guru stuff here. Your players can actually execute your schemes on game day. 

Each system includes an extensive training course that walks you through the System. Everything you need to get your players playing fast, winning games - no previous experience with the schemes is necessary. 

Each JDFB System includes the playbook, practice plans, and drills your players need to get ready to play. 

Less Practice Time, More Results

Every Coaching System at Joe Daniel Football includes a 5 Day Practice Plan for installing your entire scheme. Offense or Defense. 

You don’t need to be a 2-platoon team, or run endless 2-a-day practices. You’ll spend less time at practice than ever before with the Coach Simple philosophy.

Follow our 90 Minute Practice Plan templates that keep your players fresh. And keep the coaches fresh. 

The 5 Day Install Plans only need 45 minutes of practice time per day to get the entire System installed and ready to play your first game. That means you can get your entire offensive and defensive playbooks installed in just five 90-minute practices.

More Aggressive Football Players

Your players are going to be flying around. Confident that they know how to execute. From the opening kickoff in Week 1, you’ll see a huge difference in your athletes. 

Confident players play more aggressive. Better tackling. Better blocking. Better execution. 

No more constant yelling at your players. Trying to get them to focus. To play harder. To get ‘mean’.

Time to get that blood pressure down and enjoy coaching again. Our Coach Simple coaching systems solve those coaching problems for you.

Proven Coaching Strategies

How do I know all this is going to work? Because I’ve already achieved these results with hundreds of other football coaches.

I’m Joe Daniel, founder of Joe Daniel Football and host of The Football Coaching Podcast. That podcast has been at the top of the list for football coaches since 2012, with over 1.53 Million downloads from coaches all over the world.

I’ve been a speaker for the Glazier Clinics, featured in American Football Monthly, Gridiron Strategies, and listed as part of the Hudl Top 100 Influencers.

As of this writing, I have worked with 5,034 football coaches like yourself to use the Coach Simple methods for faster, more aggressive execution on game day. In all 50 states, and all over the world.

Have Fun Coaching Football

My Complete Coaching Systems gives you instant access to everything you need to build your Coach Simple, Play Fast, and Win right now. Using this approach on Offense and Defense gives you…

Coaches Love Winning With JDFB Systems

Coaches all over the United States and around the world are winning football games using Joe Daniel Football Coaching Systems. Their football players are benefiting from the Coach Simple principles that let them play fast and have fun on the field.

It starts with simplifying the playbook. Getting a solid foundation to build on. Then it's time to evolve your program using the vast resources included with your JDFB Coaching Systems.

Check out what these successful coaches have to say about the JDFB Systems...


"JDFB is a great tool to use, whether you are starting out or looking for a fresh start. Since 2015, the Power Pistol offense system has helped us to 3 undefeated seasons, and 2 state championships. It is always evolving, never stale, and maneuverable within your team."

Tim Snow

Winnisquam High School, New Hampshire


"Access to the JDFB system was a huge help for me. I had an idea of the system and concepts I wanted to implement 2 years ago and this system is awesome for filling in the details. Also the weekly chalk talks give me things to think about and tweaks or improvements we can make as we grow as a team."

Matt Doering

Lakeside Lutheran High School, Wisconsin


"Over the past few years we’ve been able to become a fully multiple defense, being able to have answers to mostly everything that is thrown at us throughout the season. As offenses evolved we’ve felt the need to evolve as well. It has made it easier for the kids to learn more which is always more fun for the athletes, and coaches. JDFB has been a great resource overall."

Joshua Martin

Kapa'a High School, Hawaii

Complete Coaching Systems

Joe Daniel Coaching Systems gives you access to 5 Complete Coaching Systems including Offense and Defense. These are flexible systems that let you build on what’s already working or start over with a clean slate. 

Every Joe Daniel Football Coaching System starts with detailed Training Course. Learn everything you need to install your Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win defense.

Get Instant Access to all of the streaming videos. Plus every video is downloadable to take it anywhere you need to watch and learn.

Systems include sample practice plans and game plans for the huge variety of opponents you see every week. No matter what you face, you’ve got a plan for it.

You also get the drills and coaching points to prepare your players to dominate. No searching for drills to fill up practice time. Over the last decade, we have worked on finding just the proven drills that get results without wasting practice time. 

The 5 Complete Coaching Systems include…

The 4-2-5 Defense System (440 minutes) $299 Value

Huge Bonus Values

Every Coaching System is loaded with everything you need to dominate on defense. Plus you get a huge collection of bonuses including…

The Offensive Line Coaching Formula eCourse ($299 Value) is a complete Offensive Line coaching education. 12 hours of clinic video teaches you everything you need to get those big guys to dominate up front including stance, run blocking, pass blocking, drills, OL psychology, and how to game plan for your Offensive Line.

Max Motivation for Peak Performance eCourse ($199 Value) guides you through a 4 module course to build trust and communication among your players, motivate players to achieve, maximize the potential of your top athletes, and build a family culture for your football team.

Over 40 Exclusive Archived Web Clinics ($1,679.58 Value at $39.99 per clinic video you pay on other sites) give you more ideas to go even deeper in developing your defense. Presentations from Coach Daniel on every aspect of the game, plus guest coaches including many 4-2-5 Defense System clients sharing how they’ve put their own stamp on this defense. And how you can do it too.

The Chalk Board Forum ($100 monthly value for community training) where Coach Daniel and other JDFB Clients are ready to answer your questions 24/7 in a private message board. You’ll never be stuck without answers. Get the information you need to tailor the System to your own unique situations. Whether you need to develop drills to solve a problem or get the best game plan for your big rival, you have support all year long.

Chalk Talk Q&A Sessions ($200 monthly value for live training) Live webinar calls where I’ll answer your questions every week during the season, and monthly during the off-season. Get immediate feedback on the issues that are giving you problems, find out a new wrinkle, get clarity on the core principles. Many of our coaching clients swear by these sessions as the most valuable element of the entire System.

Chalk Talk Q&A Archives ($1019.66 value for 34 archived sessions) includes all past Q&A questions archived by date. Over 150 questions have already been answered. Chances are, if you’ve got the question - someone has asked it. If you need immediate answers, this is an incredible place to find it.

You also get access to 8 exclusive Joe Daniel Football Ebooks including…

$5,179.24 Worth of Coaching Resources

You get access to all of my top Coaching Systems at a discount of 90% Off the original retail price of just ONE of those systems. Our Coaching Systems included with this package alone are valued at $1,495.

But it doesn’t stop there. The incredible package of Bonus Materials is valued at $3,684.24 - giving Joe Daniel Football Coaching Systems a total value of $5,179.24. 

You won’t pay that though. You get instant access to the entire library of JDFB Coaching resources for over 99% off. This is a no-brainer of a deal.

Get Unlimited Instant Access to JDFB Coaching Systems right now for 7 days for just $1. Everything is available from Day 1 to start your football team down the path to greatness with the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win approach.

$1 Trial Offer

The clock is ticking down on your football season. The longer you wait to make a change, the more likely your players are to take the field with the scared, soft, sloppy play they’ve had in the past. The more frustrated you get as a football coach. 

Turn the corner. In just 5 practices you can have your team on the attack with Joe Daniel Football and the Coach Simple methods.


Your 7 Day Trial Offer is a no-risk opportunity to test drive the best Football Coaching Systems available and find out how the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win method works for your football team. Cancel your subscription any time before the end of your 7 Day Trial using our 1-Click Cancellation right on the website and you pay no additional cost. No questions.

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You know the definition of insanity. It’s doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. It’s time to change how you coach defensive football. 

Don’t keep wasting your time or your player’s time. Don’t keep watching the same slow, soft, sloppy play on game day by players who are paralyzed by confusion.

Simplify Your Coaching Now

JDFB Coaching Systems are are built on the Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win philosophy. 

Keep it SIMPLE so your players understand their jobs on defense. Give them the confidence they need to execute on the field on game day.

Confident players play FAST. They know where to go and get there in a hurry. They play aggressive. They execute the play calls.

Faster players WIN more football games. That’s science.

Coach Simple, Play Fast, Win.

Don’t waste another day playing slow, scared and sloppy. Get Instant Access to Joe Daniel Football Coaching Systems.