Build Bigger, Stronger Players to Win More Football Games This Season.

High School Football Coaches wear a lot of hats. Coaching both sides of the ball. Special teams. Character development. Academics.

Then there's the Weight Room. Just as important (if not more).

Massive improvement can happen in your weight room. Kids change before your eyes.

Top football teams have Top level strength programs. It's a must.

You develop your size and speed in the Weight Room. Great teams have it. But more than just that.

This is where you establish the culture. Unity. Toughness. Build the Foundation for your season.

You know how important the weight room is. Every coach knows. When you step on the field, you know who's got the better Weight Room program.

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This Off-Season, it's time to take your Weight Room to the Next Level.

I've been running strength programs for my football teams for over a decade. With good results.

Always studying. Learning. Getting better. I've gotten pretty good at this Weight Room thing.

But to take it to the next level... to see the massive improvement in the weight program? You need more. You need someone who's already an expert. A coach who lives and breathes strength training. Your players don't have time for you to 'figure it out'.

There's not enough time in the day. To study the game, learn new tactics on the field. New schemes. New drills. New techniques.

And then study strength training. Get really great at it. Let's see...

Malcolm Gladwell popularized the 10,000 Hours Rule. It takes 10,000 hours working on a skill to become an expert.

No way. There's not enough hours to be an expert at both. You need to call on an Expert.

Why are Football Players Different? Watch the video below...

It's time to get help from a real Expert.

I turned to Chris Lawyer. A legit expert in strength training.

Chris is a 20 year veteran strength and conditioning coach. He's logged over 40,000 hours professionally training, coaching and consulting.

Remember that 10,000 hour rule? Nailed it.

During that time, Chris has acquired certifications from several organizations including the International Sports Sciences Association, the American Council on Exercise and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Coach Lawyer began competing in strength sports in the mid-90s. He recognized the lack of sufficient coaching and facilities for the athletes at that time.

After years of struggling to find a productive training environment for himself and his trainees, he established his own - The Weight Room Training Center (TWR) in Richmond, VA.

Since 2001, TWR athletes have broken numerous State, American and World records. They continue to routinely produce national level athletes in powerlifting, weightlifting and strongman competition.

I knew this was what our football team needed.

Why get someone else to do it? I've got a solid track record as a strength coach.

OK, a little personal story...

In 2015, I decided to try competing myself. Joined The Weight Room (Chris's gym here in Richmond, VA).

Even with 20 years of lifting experience, I realized pretty quick that Chris could really accelerate my training. He's one of the best.

Part of maturing is knowing your limitations. Asking for help.

In 2016, I successfully competed in my first 2 Powerlifting competitions. Including a 2nd place finish. And the longest stretch of injury-free training in my entire life. Chris worked wonders for my own training.

That made him the perfect guy for my football team. If he's better at coaching me than I am... why wouldn't we get the best for our football players?

What's the most important lift for football? Chris explains in the video below...

This is a different kind of Strength & Conditioning for your Football Team.

As soon as the 2016 season ended, we start preparing for 2017. No time to waste.

I went to Chris and asked for help. We need to put together a top notch strength program for our football players.

Chris hit the ground running.

Here's the great thing. Chris listens. He cares about the results. He's not caught up in his own ego. He wanted to know what football coaches really need to get from the program.

This is where JDFB Weight Room separates itself from any other strength training resource on the market.

We talked about the limitations. Coaching in a small, rural school with a limited weight room facility.

Coaching in a situation where we might have only 1 coach with 30 or more players lifting.

Kids of all ages, from 7th grade up to Seniors. A lot of those kids have no training experience.

And of course, the uncertainty. This is what you can't get from an NCAA Strength Coach. Our guys are playing Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Track, Soccer. You name it. Then there's snow days, Spring Break, exam week, family vacations... it's never a point A to point B progression for these guys.

Yeah, I didn't make this an easy job for Chris. Made it pretty tough, actually.

Make an incredible strength program. One that produces amazing gains. Make it work in any environment, and with completely unpredictable variables. You know... High School Football.

The result? Well...

Learn the keys to a great Football Strength Program in the video below...

The best strength programming you can get for your High School Football Team.

Start with a 24-Week Off-Season Training cycle. The centerpiece of the program. Designed for more powerful, more explosive athletes. And to be sure they're at peak performance when the season starts.

The 3-Day per week program centers on Squats, Cleans, Bench and Shoulder presses. Auxiliary work includes an emphasis on injury prevention - especially in the knees and shoulders. Where coaches see way too many seasons shortened.

Follow that with the 16-Week In-Season Training plan. The 2-Day per week program will keep your players sharp, without wearing out their bodies from the rigors of in-season performance.

This is extremely important. Don't lose all you've worked for from January to July, when it counts in the playoffs.

You also get Private Forum Access to the JDFB Weight Room Forum. There, Chris Lawyer and myself are answering your training questions. We help you tailor the program to the unique needs of your team.

Not sure how to coach a lift? Short on equipment? Players having trouble making progress? Just post in the forum. We're there for you, all year long.

Chris is also providing streaming Video Instruction on how to coach all of the major lifts.

Not just some video clips. Coach Lawyer shows you how to coach the lifts. How to get the most out of your athletes. Perform each movement safely, with maximum results.

This is top notch training instruction that you don't get anywhere elsewhere. Especially at this price.

Right now, you can get access to everything for a one-time payment of $198.

How do you coach young athletes to lift? Hear Chris explain...

JDFB Weight Room Made 2017 a Break-Out Year For Our Football Team.

After one year using Chris Lawyer's football training, my team saw real results. Not only did we double our win total. For only the second time in school history, our team won a playoff game.

By the end of the season, our Offensive Line was pushing people around. What a difference!

And with most of our starts returning next year... you can bet JDFB Weight Room will be the foundation of the upcoming Off Season.

I want you to see the same results, or better. JDFB Weight Room gives you what you need to make this Off-Season your best ever. And carry it through the entire season.

Here's what JDFB Weight Room gives you...

  • 24-Week Off-Season Strength & Conditioning Programming PDF
  • 16-Week In-Season Strength & Conditioning Programming PDF (Coming Soon)
  • Video Instruction for Major Lifts (Streaming Online)
  • Private Forum Access to Chris Lawyer & Joe Daniel

You get access everything above for only $198 for one full year. The programming, video instruction, worksheets, and private forum access.


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There's absolutely no risk to you, either. I know this is the best strength & conditioning program out there. Chris has poured his heart and soul into it to make sure of that.

It was written by an expert in the strength field. Working alongside an expert in the football coaching business. With most other programs, you only get one or the other.

But if you decide it isn't right for your football team... I'll live with that.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

There’s no risk when you purchase JDFB Weight Room. We’ve worked hard to make this the best Strength & Conditioning programming available. But if you don’t think this is the right program for your football team, I’ll refund the full purchase price within 30 Days. No questions asked.

I can't wait to get started. There's no time to waste. If you want to achieve greatness with your team this season, the time is now. This is the Blue Print for Success.

JDFB Weight Room is the step-by-step solution to taking your football team to new heights this season.

Chris has put together an awesome plan for you. All you have to do now, is go to work.

~ Joe Daniel


The JDFB Weight Room programming has been put together with extreme attention to detail.

Every lift, every set, every rep was included for a specific purpose. No filler. Each workout takes about 60-90 minutes.

There are no magic lifts that change your players. It's about doing the right lifts. In the right order. At the right time. With the right intensity.

That's the focus for Chris. Where I came in was getting a brilliant strength & conditioning coach to prepare something that us football coaches can actually use. That fits the real world of High School athletics.

What's the biggest coaching mistake in the Weight Room? Watch the video...

You don't need million dollar facilities. Or a certified Strength Coach on your staff.

You need a will to work. A desire to succeed. And the guidance of one of the best strength coaches in the business. JDFB Weight Room can take care of the last part for you.

Real world strength training. Just like we do on the field.

I'll be using this exact programming again with our team this season. I just can't wait to see where it takes us.

Join with me. Make this Off-Season a Game Changer.


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Joe Daniel

Joe Daniel is the founder of Joe Daniel Football and host of The Football Coaching Podcast. He began helping High School Football Coaches win games in 2009 with, and later Those sites became in 2015.

Coach Daniel has 15 seasons of coaching experience at the High School and College levels. He is the Offensive Coordinator for Amelia County H.S. (VA). He also spent 6 seasons as Defensive Coordinator.

Throughout most of his coaching career, Coach Daniel has also been heavily involved in the Strength Training programs for his football teams.

Chris Lawyer

A 20-year veteran strength and conditioning coach, Chris Lawyer has logged over 40,000 hours professionally training, coaching and consulting.

Over the years he has acquired certifications from several organizations including the International Sports Sciences Association, the American Council on Exercise and the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Coach Lawyer began competing in strength sports in the mid-90s and soon recognized the lack of sufficient coaching and facilities for the athletes.  After struggling for years to find a productive training environment for himself and his trainees, he established The Weight Room Training Center (TWR) in Richmond, VA.

Since 2001 TWR athletes have broken numerous State, American and World records and continue to routinely produce national-level athletes in powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman competition.